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格温内斯大学不当性行为政策 (PDF)
怀孕第九条住宿政策 (PDF)


Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972 is a federal law that states: 
“在美国,任何人不得, on the basis of sex, 被排除在…之外, 被剥夺…的利益, 或在接受联邦财政援助的任何教育计划或活动中受到歧视."
作为联邦基金的接受者, 格温内斯默西大学必须遵守1972年高等教育修正案第九条, 20 U.S.C. § 1681 et seq. (“Title IX”), which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in educational programs or activities, admission and employment. 在某些情况下, Sexual Misconduct constitutes sexual discrimination prohibited by Title IX. In addition, 大学遵守2013年暴力侵害妇女再授权法案(“VAWA”)第304条。. 
大学遵守1972年教育修正案第九条及其基本法规, which prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex in education programs and activities.
If you are in need of assistance due to sexual harassment or sexual misconduct, here’s how we can help:
Resources: 如果你需要咨询方面的信息, health or related services our staff can provide referrals to both on and off-campus providers.
Interim Measures: Examples of these measures include but are not limited to, 学生住房分配的变化, 禁止学生接触的命令, faculty or staff, or other interim measures as related to your Title IX concern. 我们能够在这些过程中帮助您.
Reporting: 如果你想正式投诉, 不确定该采取什么行动, 正在寻求有关如何进行的建议第九条办公室可以指导您完成可用的选项并提供与适当办公室的摆脱电子游戏mg官方网站. 摆脱电子游戏mg官方网站第九章和VAWA适用的查询可以提交给大学的第九章协调员或美国大学.S. 教育部民权办公室.

Definitions according to the 格温内斯大学不当性行为政策:

Sexual Assault: 性侵犯是在没有得到接受者明确同意的情况下发生的任何类型的性行为或接触

非自愿性交: 任何性插入(肛门), oral, vaginal) however slight, 任何性别的人用任何物体或身体部位, age, or sexual orientation, that is without consent.

非自愿的性接触: 任何未经同意的故意性接触, however slight, 任何性别的人用任何物体或身体部位, age, or sexual orientation.

Consent: Consent is an informed decision made freely and actively by all parties. 如果没有明确的口头或非口头同意,行为将被视为“未经同意”. Because sexual misconduct is defined as sexual activity that is undertaken without consent, each participant must obtain and give consent to each sexual act.
  • At any and all times when consent is withdrawn or not verbally agreed upon, 必须立即停止性行为.
  • 同意某些程度的性活动并不意味着同意所有程度的性活动. 每一种新的性行为都需要双方的同意.
  • 任何不满16岁的人都不能表示同意.

Incapacitation: 无行为能力的人不能给予同意. 因饮酒或吸毒而丧失行为能力的人(自愿或非自愿), or who is unconscious, unaware, or otherwise helpless, 不能给予同意吗. 一个人不得与他知道(或应该合理地知道)无行为能力的人进行性活动. 当身体上无行为能力的人没有能力理解情况涉及性的事实时,他们被认为没有能力给予有效的同意, and/or cannot rationally and reasonably appreciate the nature and extent of that situation.

Sexual Exploitation: 性剥削是指一个人为了自己的利益而在未经同意的情况下或不公正地从他人身上获得性利益, or to benefit another person than the one being exploited.

Definitions according to the 格温内斯大学不当性行为政策:

Dating violence is defined as abuse committed by a person, past or present, involved in a social, sexual, 或者与受害者有恋爱关系. Dating violence can include a range of behaviors that may include physical violence, sexual violence, emotional violence, and economic violence.

  • 身体攻击(如推搡、踢打或拳打脚踢)
  • 言语虐待(如贬低或辱骂)
  • Controlling behavior (such as not letting the victim see friends)
  • Sexual abuse (such as forced kissing, hugging or sexual contact)
  • 心理虐待(例如威胁要伤害受害者或家人或朋友,或灌输恐惧)

Definitions according to the 格温内斯大学不当性行为政策:

Domestic violence is defined as abuse committed by a current or former spouse of the victim, by a person with whom the victim shares a child in common, 以配偶身份与受害人同居或曾与受害人同居的人,或地位与受害人相似的人, 或受家庭或家庭暴力法保护的任何其他人.

  • 身体攻击(如推搡、踢打或拳打脚踢)
  • 言语虐待(如贬低或辱骂)
  • Controlling behavior (such as not letting the victim see friends and/or family, 告诉受害者该穿什么)
  • Sexual abuse (such as forced kissing, hugging or sexual contact)
  • 心理虐待(例如威胁要伤害受害者或家人或朋友,或灌输恐惧)

Definitions according to the 格温内斯大学不当性行为政策:

Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances, 性要求, and other harassing conduct of a sexual nature whether intentional or not. The unwanted conduct can be verbal, non-verbal, graphic, gestures, or physical. Sexual harassment occurs when the conditions for (1) and/or (2), below, are present:

Gender Based Harassment includes harassment based on gender, sexual orientation, 或者性别认同,其中可能包括恐吓行为, aggression, or hostility, whether verbal, non-verbal, graphic, physical or otherwise, even if the acts do not involve conduct of a sexual nature, (1)和(或)(2)的导通, below, are present:

  • 服从不受欢迎的行为是一个人在课程中受雇或地位的明示或暗示的条款或条件, program, or activity; or
  • Submission to or rejection of the unwelcome conduct by an individual is used as the basis for an academic or employment-related decision affecting such an individual; or

  • 的不受欢迎的行为是足够严重的, persistent, or pervasive as to substantially limit or interfere with an individual’s work, educational performance, 参加课外活动, or equal access to the University’s resources and opportunities; or
  • Such contact, 一个或多个产生恐吓的行为, hostile, or abusive living, working, 或者教育环境.


当你得知你认识的人遭受性侵犯时,你可能很难知道该说什么, 关系暴力或跟踪. 这些建议将以一种支持性的方式鼓励和帮助受害者幸存者,使他们感到不那么孤立和安全.

  • Listen 让受害者说话并引导谈话可以帮助他们重新获得控制感. Let them decide what they want to talk about and when they want to talk about it.
  • Believe them Our culture often makes it very difficult to talk about sexual violence, and the fear of not being believed is a very real concern for people who have been victimized. 不要助长这种恐惧.
  • Empower them Assure the victim survivor that they are not to blame for the violence, 不管当时的情况如何. 同样重要的是,受害者幸存者有权自己决定是否报告.
  • Do not judge how 受害者幸存者在事件发生期间或之后做出反应. Understand that they handled the situation the best they could.
  • Be mindful 当问及这件事时. You do not want to seem judgmental, condescending or otherwise unsupportive.
  • Be supportive 受害者和幸存者的决定. Victim survivors have a number of options and resources that may seem overwhelming. Whether or not they report the incident, press charges, attend counseling, etc., is not up to you. But, don’t be entirely uninvolved — they might ask for your opinion or advice, 寻求医疗和情感帮助都是积极的.
  • Be respectful 受害者幸存者的隐私. The victim survivor deserves their space and this time to themselves.
  • Accept that there might be changes in the victim survivor's personality or in your relationship. Sexual violence is a traumatic experience that can change a person, 康复过程需要时间.
  • Be aware 你可能也需要支持. 照顾好自己,处理好自己的感受.
  • Be careful not to overwhelm the victim survivor with your own emotions. If you seek support from someone, be sure to maintain the victim survivor's anonymity.

LGBTQIA个体遭受性暴力的比例高于异性恋者. 作为LGBTQIA个体报告性暴力可能会带来额外的困难,因为报告可能会引起对报告过程中披露的担忧. 这些都是非常现实的问题,但我们强烈建议你在校园和社区寻求支持和可用的资源.


  • 了解你的孩子是否没有立即告诉你这件事,或者他们是否没有第一个来找你. There are a number of reasons why they might avoid telling you about it. 而不是关注他们为什么迟迟不来找你, 你应该引导你的精力去帮助他们愈合. 不要要求他们为自己的决定辩护或辩护.
  • 诚实地告诉你的孩子你的感受——承认这是一个很难讨论的话题是可以的, but be clear that you are willing to talk and listen about anything.
  • Control your emotions when talking to your child about the incident. 你可能会有很多感觉,包括悲伤, anger, guilt or even shame, but try not to let your feelings overshadow those of your child. 孩子们很难看到他们的父母挣扎, and they might feel guilty for upsetting you if your emotions get out of hand.
  • 意识到你无法解决问题. You might feel tempted to push your child to seek legal justice or other types of “solutions,“但是没有办法让袭击消失. Let your child make their own decisions and be supportive of those choices.
  • 不要忘记照顾好自己,花点时间来接受自己对性侵的感受——如果需要的话,寻求专业帮助. 在其他情绪中,你可能会感到内疚.
Here is additional information 为性暴力幸存者的家庭.

作为教员或职员, 你所处的位置能够为那些可能向你透露性暴力的学生提供帮助和建议.

  • 倾听、相信和支持学生. 提供以下关怀和支持方案:
  • Remind the student you are a mandated reporter and must inform the Title IX Coordinator. 这并不意味着学生必须提出投诉. The Title IX Coordinator will contact them, to assist them as they wish to be assisted.
  • Advise the student they have access to campus assistance, i.e. 辅导服务,校园部,第九条.
  • 拨打第IX标题协调员215-646-7300分机.21140

Clery Act
格温内斯默西大学遵守克莱里法案,该法案要求所有校园安全机构, those who have significant responsibility for student activities such as club advisors, resident assistants, coaches to report to University Public Safety allegations of Clery Act crimes, including dating violence, domestic violence, 性侵犯和跟踪. 如果举报是及时的,并且有理由相信其他人可能是同一罪犯的目标,大学将及时发出校园警告。.

第九条教学大纲说明 (PDF)


If you are in need of help please contact one of the numbers below:

Counseling Services: 215-641-5571, ext. 21571
慈善服务中心,灵性中心, & Justice: 215-646-7300, ext. 21590
卫生保健中心: 215-646-7300, ext. 21486
Office of Public Safety: 215-641-5522, ext. 1111
Title IX Coordinator: 215-646-7300, ext. 21140


格温内斯默西大学公共安全办公室致力于学生的安全和保障, faculty, staff and visitors. 我们最关心的是培养和维持一个安全的学习、生活和工作环境.

On Campus:
紧急情况:215-641-5522分机. 21111
非紧急事项:215-646-7300,分机. 21522

Local Law Enforcement:
Philadelphia Police Department Center City 6th District: 215-686-3060


Woman Against Rape (WOAR)

Laurel House




Hotline: 1-800-799-7233

发生的事不是你的错. 请不要试图独自处理这件事. Get to a safe place. Get some support. Tell someone. Call a friend. Get medical help. Call a hotline i.e. RAINN, 1-800-656-4673; WOAR, 215-985-3333; NOVA, 1-800-675-6900; VSC Montgomery County, 1-888-521-0983.

请考虑打电话给警察、咨询中心或大学的第九条协调员. 你不需要继续投诉, but these individuals can help you obtain the services you may need.

You can access ATIXA培训材料在这里.


  • Dr. 明迪·麦克隆-沃顿,第九条副协调员
  • Mr. 乔希·斯特恩,听证会官员
  • Dr. 上诉聆讯委员会委员Ellen Henderson
  • Dr. Meredith Hoch-Oescher,听证委员会成员
  • Mr. Jeffrey Wallace,听证委员会成员